草图 API(NXOpen C)

草图 API(NXOpen C)概述

NXOpen C 中草图特征 API 定义在 "%UGII_BASE_DIR%\UGOPEN\uf_sket.h" 文件。

File description:

Open C API interface to the sketcher.

The sketch functions in this file enable you to:

. Create an empty sketch. 创建一个空草图。

. Initialize (activate) and terminate (deactivate) an existing sketch. 初始化(活动)和退出(不活动)一个现有草图。

. Add/Extract geometric objects to a sketch. 添加/选取几何对象到指定草图。

. Mirror geometries.

. Create, query and delete dimensions and geometric constraints.

. Update a sketch.

. Interrogate a sketch including its orientation, origin, solved status,...,etc.

. Query constraint's type and constraints associated with a geometry.

. Query the type and status of a sketch dimension.

. Get all the geometries, expressions, dimensions, and geometric constraints for a sketch.

. Get all sketches associated with a face or a feature.

. Get all features associated with a sketch.

. Query/Edit current sketch preference settings.